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Argania: Lack of information is my family history


  • //With obsessions, you suffer from compelling thoughts or are compulsively preoccu- pied with a particular idea. At the center is a persistent, recurring thought. You can be very bothered by these thoughts that intrude//

    I know little about my family history. Nothing was ever told to me, preserved or saved. All I have is my father's death certificate. The names of his parents are written on it, but I don't know who they are.

  • I follow the minimal tracks to information about my family and roots. Where does it take me? What do I encounter? Am I a part of that history? Or is history a part of me? Photos, archival documents, and even through teeth bring me closer to the family I don't know. I learn about migration history, heredity, intergenerational traumas, and different zeitgeists.
    Did my family ever exist, and can I bring our history to life?